Aims and Scope

Computers and Children journal aims to stimulate discussions surrounding computers and children through disseminating significant and innovative scholarly studies that are of value to the international research communities. The journal welcomes research articles, review articles, book reviews, and interviews focusing on computers and children including empirical, theoretical, methodological, and philosophical works that have a perspective wider than local or national interest. We aim to facilitate the responsible and constructive integration of technology into the lives of children, with an ultimate goal of promoting their healthy growth, learning, and development in the digital age.

The scope of Computers and Children encompasses, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Impact of computer technology on early childhood development
  • Educational technology and its effectiveness in K-12 and higher education
  • Digital game-based learning and gamification
  • Child-friendly user interface design and usability
  • Internet safety, cyberbullying, and online privacy for children
  • Digital media consumption and its effects on cognitive and socio-emotional development
  • Digital storytelling and interactive media for children
  • Parental mediation and guidance in the digital age
  • Design and evaluation of educational software and applications for children
  • Ethical considerations in technology use with children
  • Cultural and societal influences on children's technology use
  • Policies and regulations related to children and technology

Computers and Children publishes only original scholarly works. Manuscripts that are indeed a derivative or replication/dublication (if there is not clear reason, justification) of previous work are not accepted and will not be published in the journal. Please do not submit the same manuscript simultaneously or separately to Computers and Children with another journal. In such cases the responsibility solely rests with the author(s).